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About the festival

Welcome to the Montreal Persian Art Festival, a biennial event celebrating the diversity and richness of Persian culture. Located at the heart of Montreal’s vibrant cultural scene, our festival is an invitation to discover and appreciate Persian cultural heritage through artistic events and intercultural exchanges.

Artistic Committee

Founder and artistic director: Dr. Razieh Razavi ​

Razieh Razavynia has made Montreal her home since 1988. Her journey began with studies in biology at Concordia University, before specializing in dentistry at the University of Montreal. 

Her commitment in serving her community dates back to her years as a university student. Indeed, she was involved in various social and cultural activities. She served as the director of an Iranian school for three years and was a member of the student council at Concordia University as well as a founding member of the Iranian Student Association at the University of Montreal, demonstrating her dedication to fostering cultural understanding. Additionally, she was a founding member and board member of the Quebec Iranian Dentists Association, showcasing her commitment to both her profession and her cultural heritage. 

As a dental surgeon and board member of Dentists Without Borders, she has been involved in international humanitarian missions,  providing free dental care, notably in Honduras. Her more recent involvement in providing free dental care was in a rural area in Jamaica with 1000 Smiles and the Zeeba Institute. She is also a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and served on the board of the Quebec Dental Association for three years.  

Razieh’s artistic upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for culture, which extends beyond her professional pursuits. As an active board member of the Chakavak Cultural Foundation and the organization Earth Without Borders, she has contributed to promoting cultural exchange and understanding.  

Her latest cultural event, the Persian Art Festival, is a manifestation of her dedication to promoting arts and culture. Held biennially in Montreal, this three-day festival provides a platform to celebrate and showcase Persian art in all its richness and diversity. The second edition of this highly anticipated event is scheduled for June this year. This platform celebrates the richness and diversity of the Persian art, enriching the cultural landscape of the community. 

Currently, Razieh successfully manages a modern and reputed dental clinic in the Lachine district of Montreal. 

Direction General: Farbod DAVARI

Stage Manager : Dr. Tina Farshad Gohar

Tina Farshadgohar landed in Montreal in the summer of 2003 as her second-time immigration journey. With a medical background from Turkey, she continued her education in Canada and earned a Ph.D. with a major in research in psychiatry from UDEM and UQTR. With a 14-year clinical research background, she is currently the country manager of most oncology research across Canada in the pharmaceutical industry.
Since 2003, she has been active in the Iranian community as a journalist, host, MC, stage manager, and event organizer of most of Montreal’s Iranian community cultural activities. Her experience in media and event management goes back to her first immigrated country _Turkey_ where she hosted her live radio/TV program in the Turkish language. At the same time, she was also a medical student. As a dedicated person to help the integration of her community into the host country, she was a former member of the board director of the Iranian Student Association of UDEM- Polytechnique- HEC (Caspian) and Zoroastrian Lovers association, Iranian Solidarity Association and the founder of “Montreal Iranian Business Women’s Association.”
She established the group “Cooperation in the Corona Era for Iranian Community” within the framework of the “House of Iran”, providing medical help, guidance and education to more than 2000 community members and starting the first days of the pandemic up to now, to serve the needs of the Iranian community in quarantine. As the first Persian-speaking researcher in North America on mindfulness-based intervention techniques, she provided the first free mindfulness training in Persian (Farsi) for kids during the COVID-19 pandemic to help their mental health wellbeing.
Currently, she is a member of the board of directors of the House of Iran in Montreal, organizing yearly festivals such as Spring and Orientalist festivals.

Communication management: CSAI

Centre social d’aide aux immigrants (CSAI), established in 1947 in Montreal, is an organization dedicated to welcoming and supporting immigrants and refugees taken care of by the state. The CSAI offers various services and activities that facilitate the socio-professional integration of these newcomers in the Montreal region and its surrounding areas. Its main mission is to support these individuals in their process of integration and active participation in the host society, while promoting community life and intercommunity and intercultural rapprochement. The vision of the CSAI is to be recognized as the reference organization for immigration in Montreal, thanks to its expertise and the quality of its services. Its objectives include accompanying and guiding immigrants and refugees, collaborating with other organizations, defending the rights and interests of these groups, and promoting intercultural rapprochement. The values of the CSAI are respect, mutual aid, empathy, and equality, affirming its commitment to respectful and inclusive integration.

We offer three themed evenings that are the core of our programming:

1. Literature Evening: This evening is dedicated to Persian literary richness, where poets and writers share their works and immerse the audience in a world of prose and poetry, reflecting the nuances of Persian society through the ages.

2. Dance and Music Evening: A vibrant journey through Persian rhythms and melodies, this evening features performances by talented dancers and musicians. It celebrates Persian artistic expression, from classical to contemporary, in a festive and immersive atmosphere.

3. Cinema Evening: A cinematic exploration that highlights contemporary Persian filmmakers and their contributions to global cinema. This evening offers a selection of films that tell captivating stories from Persian culture, thereby enriching our understanding of the world.

Each edition of the festival is designed to offer an immersive experience that combines history and modernity, thus celebrating creativity, community, and cultural exchange. Whether you are a lover of Persian art or discovering its charms for the first time, the Persian Art Festival promises to enrich your understanding and appreciation of this ancient culture.

Join us every two years for a spectacular celebration that showcases the elegance and complexity of Persian art. We look forward to welcoming you to Montreal to share memorable moments and enriching cultural discoveries.