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    Razieh Razavynia has made Montreal her home since 1988. Her journey began with studies in biology at Concordia University before specializing in dentistry at the University of Montreal. 

    Her commitment in serving her community dates back to her years as a university student. Indeed, she was involved in various social and cultural activities. She served as the director of an Iranian school for three years and was a member of the student council at Concordia University as well as a founding member of the Iranian Student Association at the University of Montreal, demonstrating her dedication to fostering cultural understanding. Additionally, she was a founding member and board member of the Quebec Iranian Dentists Association, showcasing her commitment to both her profession and her cultural heritage. 

    As a dental surgeon and board member of Dentists Without Borders, she has been involved in international humanitarian missions,  providing free dental care, notably in Honduras. Her more recent involvement in providing free dental care was in a rural area in Jamaica with 1000 Smiles and the Zeeba Institute. She is also a member of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and served on the board of the Quebec Dental Association for three years.  

    Razieh’s artistic upbringing instilled in her a deep appreciation for culture, which extends beyond her professional pursuits. As an active board member of the Chakavak Cultural Foundation and the organization Earth Without Borders, she has contributed to promoting cultural exchange and understanding.  

    Her latest cultural event, the Persian Art Festival, is a manifestation of her dedication to promoting arts and culture. Held biennially in Montreal, this three-day festival provides a platform to celebrate and showcase Persian art in all its richness and diversity. The second edition of this highly anticipated event is scheduled for June this year. This platform celebrates the richness and diversity of Persian art, enriching the cultural landscape of the community. 

    Currently, Razieh successfully manages a modern and reputed dental clinic in the Lachine district of Montreal.