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    My name is LIDA. I hold a master’s degree in business IT. My logical mind and many years of experience help me work as a senior business analyst. My passion for math and the arts that I have had since childhood (like knitting and sewing) has always been a guiding force in my life. Before immigrating to Canada, I immersed myself in Persian calligraphy, honing my skills over the years.

    My innate affinity for art has found new expression in painting, a journey I began in 2019 with acrylics. After a brief break, I resumed my artistic exploration with oil painting two years ago. For me, painting is more than a creative outlet; it is a zen moment that allows me to connect deeply with the subtleties of colors and the essence of being. I am delighted to have transformed my passion into a fulfilling side activity, where my hobby fits perfectly to my professional endeavors, offering me a perfect blend of creativity and tranquility.