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    My name is MAHBOOBEH KORDI. I have a degree in computer engineering and thrive in the IT field. However, since my childhood, I have been attracted to the world of painting. It was more than just a hobby; it was my passion. I spent hours drawing, lost in the colors and shapes. However, as life became busier, I reluctantly put my artistic aspirations aside. It was only in 2021 that I made the conscious decision to rekindle this flame. I took a painting class at Tavangar Art Studio, wanting to immerse myself back into the art world. Participating in this class reignited my creativity and reminded me of the joy I found in painting as a child. Last year, I took a bold step and exhibited my works in a painting exhibition at Place des Arts, marking an important step in my journey. Reconciling my career in IT with my passion for painting has been a rewarding challenge. It’s not just about finding time for it; it’s about prioritizing and nurturing my creativity alongside my professional responsibilities. Every brushstroke brings me joy and a sense of purpose, reminding me that pursuing your passion alongside a career is not only achievable but essential for a fulfilling life.