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    MARYAM HABIBI, a student of Master Rahim Navasi, one of Iran’s renowned painting masters, has made her mark in the world of modern art. Although her academic background is in accounting, her passion and talent in the fields of visual arts and modern painting are clearly evident. Her works include contemporary paintings, especially those created with natural feathers, mixed media, and visual arts.

    Maryam believes that all materials absorb and then emit energy. Based on this principle, she creates unique and decorative paintings by combining various materials. With her entry into the art world, she has introduced her own distinctive style.

    Maryam Habibi holds a TUV certification for decorative paintings from Germany. One of the remarkable aspects of her career is the successful sale of her works; in her latest exhibition on April 27, 2024, eighty percent of the paintings were sold on the first day. In this exhibition, we also used her outstanding calligraphy for certificates of appreciation.

    Maryam Habibi’s Instagram page,, showcases her exceptional works, allowing enthusiasts to stay updated with her latest creations and connect closely with this distinguished artist.