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    I am Zoya Tavangar. Since childhood, I have been learning drawing and painting from my father, Master Mehrdad Tavangar, who was my first and greatest painting instructor. Although I had learned painting professionally at my father’s art studio in Tehran, I decided to continue my studies at the University of Art, where I earned a master’s degree in painting.

    I began teaching painting professionally at the age of eighteen, not only at my father’s art studio but also at the Iranian Society for the Disabled and various other art schools. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I authored several books for art entrance exam enthusiasts, including “Visual and Imaginary Creativity,” which continues to be published annually in Iran even after about twenty years.

    During my master’s studies, I taught the basics of visual arts at various universities. After obtaining my university degree and before immigrating to Canada, I taught at the University of Art in Iran.

    Following the passing of my father, Master Mehrdad Tavangar, I decided to continue his path. I managed his art studio, one of the oldest in Tehran, on my own, teaching drawing and oil painting. I hired some of my former students who had become professional painters.

    Throughout these years, I participated annually in various painting exhibitions and festivals and taught art enthusiasts. In 2014, I immigrated to Canada, and with the diverse experiences I had, I started teaching painting and founded the Zoya Art Studio.

    In Montreal, I began teaching drawing and painting and, in the early years, taught art at various art centers. A year later, I participated in two painting exhibitions alongside American artists, which were well received. Following this, I joined the South Shore Artists Society and participated in their group exhibitions for several years.

    In 2019, I competed in live painting contests in Montreal, where participants had to paint within twenty minutes. After winning first place in four competitions, I went to Toronto as the Montreal champion for the national competition. There, I became a finalist, creating a portrait and a figure painting in twenty minutes in front of an audience.

    Throughout these years, I held annual painting exhibitions with my students to encourage them and to find motivation for myself. After COVID, I participated as a live painting specialist in the Orientalism and Arab World Festivals in 2022. I continued to teach art seriously to my students, and in 2022, I once again won first place in the twenty-minute painting competition in Montreal.

    Since there is no greater joy for me than teaching painting, in 2023, I organized a large exhibition at Place des Arts with over fifty of my painting students, which received significant attention. I believe that the language of art is a universal language for all people, and therefore, everyone should learn art.